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We with generations experienced in shipping industry has the ability to execute ship brokering and other requirements of our clients. We act as ship brokers for sale, purchase and chartering of dry and wet cargo vessels, offshore support vessels etc.. Also supports marketing services and cargo brokering. Our trade division is active in specialised areas.  Just contact us and we will strive to make you remain as our longterm loyal and content client.

Managing Director

C.V. Daniel

Business Advisor - Freight Marketing & Cargo Services

Jackob Matthew

Business Manager - Trading Specialised Equipments

Wyne McArthur

Financial Controller

T. Thomas, CPA

Legal Consultant

Georgie Daniel - Masters in Commerce, LLB

Business Advisor -Bulk Cargo and Trading

S J Daniel

Business Manager & Sr. Broker, Claims Manager

Joe Daniel


Worldwide Service

Americas- Coastal  waters

Towage worldwide

Liquid and Dry cargo

Bulk  & Break bulk cargo

Specialty  equipments Trade